18-5-2021 SECEC-EUSSER Webinar: Frozen Shoulder

Online evenement en gratis!

Op 18 mei 2021 houdt Secec-Eusser een gratis webinar over de frozen shoulder.


2000-2200 hrs (CEWT) SECEC-EUSSER Webinar: 
Frozen Shoulder: is supervised neglect the best we can do?
20.00-20.04              Introduction (Tjarco ALTA, NL)
20.04-20.16               Anatomy, pathophysiology and diagnosis of frozen shoulder(Tim KRAAL, NL) 
20.16-20.28               Injection therapy at the early stage frozen shoulder(Angelo DI GIUNTA, IT) 
20.28-20.40               Physiotherapy at the early stage of frozen shoulder
                                    (Annelies MAENHOUT, BE)

20.40-20.54             Q&A(Lionel NEYTON, FR & Bruno SANTULLO, IT) 
20.54-21.06             Hydrodilation, how does it work and does it work?
                                 (Alexandre LADERMANN, CH)

21.06-21.18               Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) and arthroscopic capsular release, how to perform safely
                                  (George MURRELL, AU)

21.18-21.30               UKFROST(Amar RANGAN, UK) 
21.30-21.42               Physiotherapy after intervention to reestablish range of motion; MUA, arthroscopic release or hydrodilatation
                                  (Jayanti RAY, UK)

21.42-21.56              Q&A(Alexander VAN TONGEL, BE & Ingrid HULTENHEIM, SE) 
21.56-22.00              Conclusion/Closing remarks (Tjarco ALTA, NL)


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