Advies van EUSSER ivm Corona

Dear EUSSER member,

 The European situation with the Coronavirus COVID-19 is escalating quickly at this moment.

National governments are implementing hygienic precautions forcing many physiotherapists to stay at home. We realize the big impact this crisis has on the physiotherapy profession. 

This is a very difficult and uncertain time for everyone, but we are not losing sight of the importance of our work. Here are some tips to keep your physiotherapy work going:
– Make an online sport platform with youtube, or any other online video tool, where people can exercise following your video instructions. You can also create a challenge for people to send in videos of your exercises.

– Launch a telehealth service to continue treating your patients in the comfort of their home.    

– Use an online platform to plan a rehab program for your patients and keep in touch and follow their progression.    

– Use your time at home to follow online physiotherapy eductional material. Check out: or   

– You can also go to our website in the members area to the Medialibrary and also you can share with us on our Facebook  page or via Twitter your bests resources to make the most of this time, keeping our shoulder community alive! 
In Asia the worst of the Corona crisis seems to be over and their lives are slowly getting back to normal again.
We know that we can manage this situation in Europe as well, when we all stick together and follow the advice and measures taken by the national governments.

Together we can flatten the curve and get through this situation!

Not to forget: a special gratitude to all the heroes in the hospitals, healthcare industry and at universities working hard to manage this crisis!

We are grateful for the risks they take and the care they deliver. 

With kind regards,

On behalf of the EUSSER board,

Yasmaine Karel with
Corinne Bernimoulin, Andrew Cuff, Dagmar Diwok, Suzanne Gard, Ingrid Hultenheim-Klintberg, Bruno Santullo and Reena Tweddle.