December 2020 JSES Nieuwe abstracts en online artikelen

Op deze pagina worden regelmatig de abstracts weergegeven van de onlangs verschenen artikelen van JSES die betrekking hebben op de Schouder en Elleboog of anders interessant zijn voor de leden van de regionale Schoudernetwerken.

 Review Articles
 Decision making in treatment after a first-time anterior glenohumeral dislocation: A Delphi approach by the Neer Circle of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons 
John M. Tokish, John E. Kuhn, Gregory D. Ayers, Robert A. Arciero, Robert T. Burks, David M. Dines, Xavier A. Duralde, Neal S. ElAttrache, Peter J. Millett, Patrick St. Pierre, Matthew T. Provencher, James E. Tibone, Jonathan B. Ticker, Frank A. Cordasco 
 SECEC Grammont Award 2017: the prejudicial effect of greater tuberosity osteotomy or excision in reverse shoulder arthroplasty for fracture sequelae 
Pascal Boileau, Brian L. Seeto, Gilles Clowez, Marc-Olivier Gauci, Christophe Trojani, Gilles Walch, Mikaël Chelli 
 Management of irreparable massive rotator cuff tears: a systematic review and meta-analysis of patient-reported outcomes, reoperation rates, and treatment response 
David Kovacevic, Robert J. Suriani Jr., Brian M. Grawe, Edward H. Yian, Mohit N. Gilotra, S. Ashfaq Hasan, Umasuthan Srikumaran, Samer S. Hasan, Frances Cuomo, Robert T. Burks, Andrew G. Green, Wesley M. Nottage, Sai Theja, Hafiz F. Kassam, Maarouf A. Saad, Miguel A. Ramirez, Rodney J. Stanley, Matthew D. Williams, Vidushan Nadarajah, Alexis C. Konja, Jason L. Koh, Andrew S. Rokito, Charles M. Jobin, William N. Levine, Christopher C. Schmidt 
 Single-stage versus two-stage revision for shoulder periprosthetic joint infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Elshaday S. Belay, Richard Danilkowicz, Garrett Bullock, Kevin Wall, Grant E. Garrigues 
 Remplissage for anterior shoulder instability with Hill-Sachs lesions: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Eoghan T. Hurley, James P. Toale, Martin S. Davey, Christopher A. Colasanti, Leo Pauzenberger, Eric J. Strauss, Hannan Mullett 
 Operative versus nonoperative treatment of humeral shaft fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Ingunn Lode, Vegard Nordviste, Julie Ladeby Erichsen, Hagen Schmal, Bjarke Viberg 
 The presence of gastroesophageal reflux disease increases the risk of developing postoperative shoulder stiffness after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair 
Davide Cucchi, Alessandra Menon, Francesca Maria Feroldi, Linda Boerci, Pietro Simone Randelli 
 Minimum 2-year clinical outcomes after superior capsule reconstruction compared with reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for the treatment of irreparable posterosuperior rotator cuff tears in patients younger than 70 years 
Lucca Lacheta, Marilee P. Horan, Brandon T. Goldenberg, Grant J. Dornan, Brendan Higgins, Peter J. Millett 
 Does a subscapularis tear combined with a posterosuperior rotator cuff tear affect postoperative functional outcomes? 
Eduardo Angeli Malavolta, Verônica Yulin Prieto Chang, João Marcos Nunes Montechi, Jorge Henrique Assunção, Mauro Emilio Conforto Gracitelli, Fernando Brandão Andrade-Silva, Arnaldo Amado Ferreira Neto 
 Influence of workers’ compensation status on postoperative outcomes in patients following biceps tenodesis: a matched-pair cohort analysis 
Yining Lu, Avinesh Agarwalla, Bhavik H. Patel, Michael T. Nolte, Jourdan Cancienne, Nikhil Verma, Brian J. Cole, Brian Forsythe 
 Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty compared to stemmed hemiarthroplasty for proximal humeral fractures: a registry analysis of 5946 patients 
Owain Critchley, Andrew McLean, Richard Page, Fraser Taylor, Stephen Graves, Michelle Lorimer, Yi Peng, Alesha Hatton, Gregory Bain 
 Shoulder arthroplasty in solid organ transplant patients: a retrospective, match paired analysis 
Paul Rizk, Scott A. Rizzi, Maharsh K. Patel, Thomas W. Wright, Aimee M. Struk, Matthew Patrick 
 The risk of postoperative scapular spine fracture following reverse shoulder arthroplasty is increased with an onlay humeral stem 
Georges Haidamous, Alexandre Lädermann, Mark A. Frankle, R. Allen Gorman II, Patrick J. Denard 
 Impact of preoperative 3-dimensional planning and intraoperative navigation of shoulder arthroplasty on implant selection and operative time: a single surgeon’s experience 
Yoav Rosenthal, Samantha A. Rettig, Mandeep S. Virk, Joseph D. Zuckerman 
 Outcomes of anatomic shoulder arthroplasty performed on B2 vs. A1 type glenoids 
Mihir M. Sheth, Brent J. Morris, Mitzi S. Laughlin, Jacob L. Cox, Stephen Jones, Hussein A. Elkousy, T. Bradley Edwards 
 Does change in occupancy ratio and fatty infiltration of the supraspinatus influence functional outcome after single-row rotator cuff repair? A magnetic resonance imaging–based study 
Silvampatti Ramasamy Sundararajan, Amit Kumar Jha, Rajagopalakrishnan Ramakanth, Joseph Babu Joseph, Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran 
 Modified L’Episcopo tendon transfer for isolated loss of active external rotation 
Lionel Neyton, Louis Gossing, Gregory Gasbarro, Jacob M. Kirsch 
 Shrug radiographs for the diagnosis of long thoracic nerve palsy in traumatic brachial plexus injury 
Kiminori Yukata, Kazuteru Doi, Toshitaka Okabayashi, Yasunori Hattori, Sotetsu Sakamoto 
 Basic Science 
 The incidence of shoulder arthroplasty: rise and future projections compared with hip and knee arthroplasty 
Eric R. Wagner, Kevin X. Farley, Ixavier Higgins, Jacob M. Wilson, Charles A. Daly, Michael B. Gottschalk 
 Intersurgeon and intrasurgeon variability in preoperative planning of anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty: a quantitative comparison of 49 cases planned by 9 surgeons 
Moby Parsons, Alex Greene, Sandrine Polakovic, Eric Rohrs, Ian Byram, Emilie Cheung, Richard Jones, Rick Papandrea, Ari Youderian, Thomas Wright, Pierre-Henri Flurin, Joseph Zuckerman 
 Anatomic factors influencing the anterior stability of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 
Marc-Frederic Pastor, Tomas Smith, Alexander Ellwein, Jakob Hagenah, Christof Hurschler, Manuel Ferle 
 Accuracy of arthroscopic fluid pump systems in shoulder surgery: a comparison of 3 different pump systems 
Mohy E. Taha, Kerstin Schneider, Margaret M. Smith, Gregory Cunningham, Allan A. Young, Benjamin Cass 
 Proximal-medial part in the coracoid graft demonstrates the most evident stress shielding following the Latarjet procedure: a simulation study using the 3-dimensional finite element method 
Hirotaka Sano, Tatsuro Komatsuda, Hiroo Abe, Hiroshi Ozawa, Toshimitsu A. Yokobori Jr. 
 Differences in 30-day outcomes between inpatient and outpatient total elbow arthroplasty (TEA) 
Andrew A. Furman, Alain E. Sherman, Mark A. Plantz, Guido Marra, Matthew D. Saltzman 
 Clinical outcomes of a combined arthroscopic and mini-open Outerbridge-Kashiwagi procedure for elbow osteoarthritis 
Weixiong Liao, Baoxiang Zhang, Yangmu Fu, Qiang Zhang 
 Is the flexion-abduction-supination magnetic resonance imaging view more accurate than standard magnetic resonance imaging in detecting distal biceps pathology? 
Eva Schenkels, Pieter Caekebeke, Linus Swinnen, Jef Peeters, Roger van Riet 
 The relationship between pitch velocity and shoulder distraction force and elbow valgus torque in collegiate and high school pitchers 
Kristen F. Nicholson, Tessa C. Hulburt, Edward C. Beck, Brian R. Waterman, Garrett S. Bullock 
 Intraoperative radiographic method of locating the radial head safe zone: the bicipital tuberosity view 
Nathan Hoekzema, Robert Gray, Jorge Orbay, Francisco Rubio, Lauren Vernon, Allicia Imada, Deana Mercer 
Open Access
 Online Articles 
 Declining trends in Medicare physician reimbursements for shoulder surgery from 2002 to 2018 
Azeem Tariq Malik, Kyle J. Kopechek, Julie Y. Bishop, Gregory L. Cvetanovich, Safdar N. Khan, Andrew S. Neviaser 
 The impact of age on 30-day complications following shoulder instability surgery 
Ajay S. Padaki, Venkat Boddapati, T. Sean Lynch, David Kovacevic, Charles M. Jobin, Christopher S. Ahmad, William N. Levine 
 Three-dimensional geometry of the normal shoulder: a software analysis 
Marc-Olivier Gauci, Pierric Deransart, Jean Chaoui, Manuel Urvoy, George S. Athwal, Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, Pascal Boileau, Gilles Walch 
 In vivo testing of an injectable matrix gel for the treatment of shoulder cuff muscle fatty degeneration 
Tai Huynh, John Taehwan Kim, Grady Dunlap, Shahryar Ahmadi, Jeffrey C. Wolchok 
 The Bankart repair: past, present, and future 
Mustafa S. Rashid, Justin W. Arner, Peter J. Millett, Hiroyuki Sugaya, Roger Emery 
 Sensory innervation of the human shoulder joint: the three bridges to break
Pierre Laumonerie, Yoann Dalmas, Meagan E. Tibbo, Suzanne Robert, Marie Faruch, Patrick Chaynes, Nicolas Bonnevialle, Pierre Mansat 
 Erratum to “Changes in medial elbow elasticity and joint space gapping during maximal gripping: reliability and validity in evaluation of the medial elbow joint using ultrasound elastography” [J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2020;29:e245-e251] 

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