Februari 2022 JSES Nieuwe abstracts en online artikelen

Op deze pagina worden regelmatig de abstracts weergegeven van de onlangs verschenen artikelen van JSES die betrekking hebben op de Schouder en Elleboog of anders interessant zijn voor de leden van de regionale Schoudernetwerken.

 Development of shoulder pain with job-related repetitive load: mechanisms of tendon pathology and anxiety 
Federico Pozzi, Catarina O. Sousa, Hillary A. Plummer, Brittany Andrade, Daniel Awokuse, Naoko Kono, Wendy J. Mack, Shawn C. Roll, Lori A. Michener 
 Appropriate patient selection for outpatient shoulder arthroplasty: a risk prediction tool 
Daniel E. Goltz, Robert A. Burnett, Jay M. Levin, John R. Wickman, Elshaday S. Belay, Claire B. Howell, Thomas J. Risoli, Cynthia L. Green, J. Alan Simmons, Gregory P. Nicholson, Nikhil N. Verma, Tally E. Lassiter Jr., Oke A. Anakwenze, Grant E. Garrigues, Christopher S. Klifto 
 Outcomes of shoulder arthroplasty by year of index procedure: are we getting better? 
Joshua I. Mathew, Allen D. Nicholson, Anthony Finocchiaro, Laurence Okeke, David M. Dines, Joshua S. Dines, Samuel A. Taylor, Russell F. Warren, Lawrence V. Gulotta 
 Minimum 2-year outcomes of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for fracture: how does acute arthroplasty compare with salvage? 
Peter J. Ostergaard, Matthew J. Hall, Monica Shoji, Dafang Zhang, Brandon E. Earp 
 Cemented versus uncemented reverse shoulder arthroplasty for acute proximal humeral fractures 
Luciano A. Rossi, Bruchmann Maria Guillermina, Martin Buljubasich, Nicolás Atala, Ignacio Tanoira, Santiago Bongiovanni, Maximiliano Ranalletta 
 Effects of opioid-limiting legislation on postoperative opioid use in shoulder arthroplasty in an epidemic epicenter 
Yazdan Raji, John T. Strony, Nikunj N. Trivedi, Elisabeth Kroneberger, Jiao Yu, Jacob G. Calcei, James E. Voos, Robert J. Gillespie 
 Acute versus delayed reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for proximal humeral fractures: a consecutive cohort study 
Georgios N. Panagopoulos, Mattia Pugliese, Andreas Leonidou, Faisal Butt, Monketh Jaibaji, Panayiotis D. Megaloikonomos, Paolo Consigliere, Giuseppe Sforza, Ehud Atoun, Ofer Levy 
 Rotator cuff fatty infiltration and muscle atrophy: relation to glenoid deformity in primary glenohumeral osteoarthritis 
Michael A. Moverman, Richard N. Puzzitiello, Mariano E. Menendez, Nicholas R. Pagani, Paul-Anthony J. Hart, Ryan W. Churchill, Jacob M. Kirsch, Andrew Jawa 
 Predictors of poor and excellent outcomes after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 
Julianne M. Forlizzi, Richard N. Puzzitiello, Paul-Anthony Hart, Ryan Churchill, Andrew Jawa, Jacob M. Kirsch 
 Variability and reliability of 2-dimensional vs. 3-dimensional glenoid version measurements with 3-dimensional preoperative planning software 
Jared J. Reid, Bryce F. Kunkle, Alex T. Greene, Josef K. Eichinger, Richard J. Friedman 
 Retear bigger than preoperative tear size would lead to treatment failure after rotator cuff repair 
Hyojune Kim, Dong Min Kim, Erica Kholinne, Jeong Hee Park, Eui-Sup Lee, Wael Mohammed Alzahrani, In-Ho Jeon, Kyoung Hwan Koh 
 Cutibacterium recovered from deep specimens at the time of revision shoulder arthroplasty samples has increased biofilm-forming capacity and hemolytic activity compared with Cutibacterium skin isolates from normal subjects 
Jason E. Hsu, Della Harrison, Kelvin Anderson, Christopher Huang, Anastasia J. Whitson, Frederick A. Matsen III, Roger E. Bumgarner 
 Characteristics and risk factors for 90-day readmission following shoulder arthroplasty 
Robert A. Burnett, Daniel E. Goltz, Jay M. Levin, John R. Wickman, Claire B. Howell, Gregory P. Nicholson, Nikhil N. Verma, Oke A. Anakwenze, Tally E. Lassiter Jr., Christopher S. Klifto, Grant E. Garrigues 
 Functional results after oncological scapula resections 
Alexander Klein, Christof Birkenmaier, Andrea Baur-Melnyk, Falk Roeder, Volkmar Jansson, Hans Roland Dürr 
 Lateralized vs. classic Grammont-style reverse shoulder arthroplasty for cuff deficiency Hamada stage 1-3: does the design make a difference? 
Florian Freislederer, Felix Toft, Laurent Audigé, Alex Marzel, David Endell, Markus Scheibel 
 Nonoperative management of anterior shoulder instability can result in high rates of recurrent instability and pain at long-term follow-up 
Kira D. Novakofski, Heath P. Melugin, Devin P. Leland, Christopher D. Bernard, Aaron J. Krych, Christopher L. Camp 
 Long-term outcomes of open modified inferior capsular shift for traumatic anterior shoulder instability: over 20 years of follow-up 
Naoki Takatori, Yoshiyasu Uchiyama, Takeshi Imai, Masahiko Watanabe 
Open Access
 Assessing the hospital volume–outcome relationship in total elbow arthroplasty 
Charles Poff, Bryce Kunkle, Xinning Li, Richard J. Friedman, Josef K. Eichinger 
 Radiologic evaluation and clinical effect of calcification in medial epicondylitis 
Kyu Bok Kang, Seung Hee Cheon, Hee Dong Lee 
 Mid-term results of the Latitude primary total elbow arthroplasty 
Daniëlle Meijering, Alexander L. Boerboom, Carina L.E. Gerritsma, Astrid J. de Vries, Riemer J.K. Vegter, Sjoerd K. Bulstra, Denise Eygendaal, Martin Stevens 
Open Access
 Basic Science 
 Staging of osteochondritis dissecans of the elbow based on pathologic progression in the partially detached articular fragment 
Masatoshi Takahara, Tomohiro Uno, Masahiro Maruyama, Mikio Harada, Hiroshi Satake, Daiichiro Takahara, Michiaki Takagi 
 Rotator cuff repair using a bioresorbable nanofiber interposition scaffold: a biomechanical and histologic analysis in sheep 
Anthony Romeo, Jeremiah Easley, Dan Regan, Eileen Hackett, James Johnson, Jed Johnson, Christian Puttlitz, Kirk McGilvray 
Open Access
 Determining the ideal osteotomy for stemless total shoulder replacement: a cadaveric study 
Damian McClelland, John R. Blackwell, Sarah O’Beirne, Natalie E. Grocott, Peter J. Ogrodnik 
 Biomechanical analysis of latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, and pectoralis minor transfers in subscapularis-deficient shoulders 
Andreas Kontaxis, Cort D. Lawton, Alec Sinatro, Emily Bachner, Joseph D. Lamplot, David M. Dines, Russell F. Warren, Lawrence V. Gulotta, Samuel A. Taylor 
 Review Articles 
 Platelet-rich plasma injection vs. operative treatment for lateral elbow tendinosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Chul-Ho Kim, Yong-Beom Park, Jae-Sung Lee, Hyoung-Seok Jung 
 Wide variability of shoulder and elbow case volume in orthopedic surgery residency 
Suleiman Y. Sudah, Christopher R. Michel, Mariano E. Menendez, Ryan J. Plyler 
 Online Articles 
 Deltoid fatigue part 2: a longitudinal assessment of anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty over time 
Bradley S. Schoch, Marie Vigan, Christopher P. Roche, Moby Parsons, Thomas W. Wright, Joseph J. King, Jean David Werthel 
 Regional anesthesia reduces inpatient and outpatient perioperative opioid demand in periarticular elbow surgery 
Daniel J. Cunningham, Micaela A. LaRose, Gloria X. Zhang, Sandra Au, Elle M. MacAlpine, Ariana R. Paniagua, Christopher S. Klifto, Mark J. Gage 
 Current trends in patient-reported outcome measures for clavicle fractures: a focused systematic review of 11 influential orthopaedic journals 
Kevin A. Hao, Jaquelyn Kakalecik, Gabriel A. Delgado, Thomas W. Wright, Joseph J. King, Jonathan O. Wright 
 Scapula revisited: new features identified and denoted by terms using consensus method of Delphi and taxonomy panel to be implemented in radiologic and surgical practice 
Azzat Al-Redouan, David Kachlik 
 Letter to the Editor regarding “Regional anesthesia reduces inpatient and outpatient perioperative opioid demand in peri-articular elbow surgery” 
Linbo Peng, Yi Zeng, Bin Shen 
 Response to Shen et al regarding “Regional anesthesia reduces inpatient and outpatient perioperative opioid demand in peri-articular elbow surgery”
Daniel J. Cunningham, Micaela LaRose, Gloria Zhang, Sandra Au, Elle MacAlpine, Ariana Paniagua, Christopher S. Klifto, Mark J. Gage 

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