Juli 2021 JSES Nieuwe abstracts en online artikelen

Op deze pagina worden regelmatig de abstracts weergegeven van de onlangs verschenen artikelen van JSES die betrekking hebben op de Schouder en Elleboog of anders interessant zijn voor de leden van de regionale Schoudernetwerken.

 Basic Science
 Posterior approach shoulder arthroplasty: a cadaveric study assessing access 
R. Michael Greiwe, Sarah A. Witzig, Brandon J. Kohrs, Misti A. Hill, Richard G. Harm, Michael S. Bahk 
 Biomechanical assessment of docking ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction after failed ulnar collateral ligament repair with suture augmentation 
Yasuo Itami, Teruhisa Mihata, Michelle H. McGarry, Charles C. Lin, Nilay A. Patel, Adam H. Kantor, Akihiko Hasegawa, Masashi Neo, Thay Q. Lee 
 Increased expression of macrophages and inflammatory cytokines at tendon origin in patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis 
Bassmh Abdullah A. Al-Dhafer, Hyun Seok Joo, Suk Young Park, Young Ho Shin, Jae Kwang Kim 
 The interaction between human rotator cuff tendon and subacromial bursal tissue in co-culture 
Lisa M. Tamburini, Benjamin J. Levy, Mary Beth McCarthy, Danielle E. Kriscenski, Mark P. Cote, Ryan Applonie, Amir Lebaschi, Paul M. Sethi, Theodore A. Blaine, Augustus D. Mazzocca 
 A gender-based comparison of coracoid and glenoid anatomy: CT analysis and discussion of potential impact on the Latarjet procedure 
Jean-Pierre du Plessis, Roopam Dey, Robert Dachs, Timothy J. de Wet, Tamzyn Trevor, Henri Carrara, Dilesh Chhiba, Basil C. Vrettos, Stephen Roche 
 Performance of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) scores compared with legacy metrics in evaluating outcomes after surgical treatment for osteochondritis dissecans of the humeral capitellum 
James Sam Broughton, Charles A. Goldfarb, Mitchel R. Obey, Matthew V. Smith 
 Low-profile double plating of unstable osteoporotic olecranon fractures: a biomechanical comparative study 
Ferdinand C. Wagner, Martin Jaeger, Christof Friebis, Dirk Maier, Christian Ophoven, Tayfun Yilmaz, Norbert P. Südkamp, Kilian Reising 
 Morphological characteristics of fractures of the anteromedial facet of the coronoid in posteromedial rotatory instability of the elbow: a three-dimensional CT remodeling study 
Hee-Dong Lee, Young-Jin Jung, Jong-Keon Oh, Jun-Gyu Moon 
 Subcutaneous tissue disinfection significantly reduces Cutibacterium acnes burden in primary open shoulder surgery 
Beat Kaspar Moor, Bertrand Léger, Viviane Steffen, Nicolas Troillet, Stephane Emonet, Nicolas Gallusser 
 Dexamethasone decreases postoperative opioid and antiemetic use in shoulder arthroplasty patients: a prospective, randomized controlled trial 
Elizabeth A. Klag, Noah A. Kuhlmann, Joseph S. Tramer, Sreten Franovic, Stephanie J. Muh 
 A single dose of tranexamic acid reduces blood loss after reverse and anatomic shoulder arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial 
Gregory Cunningham, Jeffery Hughes, Benoit Borner, Owen Mattern, Mohy E. Taha, Margaret M. Smith, Allan A. Young, Benjamin Cass 
Open Access
 Prospective, randomized evaluation of latissimus dorsi transfer and superior capsular reconstruction in massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears 
Burak Yagmur Ozturk, Semih Ak, Onur Gultekin, Ali Baykus, Ahmet Kulduk 
 Factors associated with the development of early- to mid-term cuff-tear arthropathy following arthroscopic rotator cuff repair 
Abdulhamit Misir, Erdal Uzun, Turan Bilge Kizkapan, Mustafa Ozcamdalli, Hazim Sekban, Ahmet Guney 
 Level of obesity is directly associated with complications following arthroscopic rotator cuff repair 
Kevin I. Kashanchi, Alireza K. Nazemi, David E. Komatsu, Edward D. Wang 
 Correlation of glenohumeral internal rotation deficit with shear wave ultrasound elastography findings for the posterior inferior shoulder capsule in college baseball players 
Hyung Jun Park, Jin Ho Jeon, Dae Keun Suh, Chul Soo Lee, Jin Hyuck Lee, Woong Kyo Jeong 
 The impact of prior ipsilateral arthroscopy on infection rates after shoulder arthroplasty 
Joshua Wright-Chisem, John M. Apostolakos, Joshua S. Dines, David M. Dines, Lawrence V. Gulotta, Samuel A. Taylor, Brian C. Werner 
 Incidence of peripheral nerve injury in revision total shoulder arthroplasty: an intraoperative nerve monitoring study 
Manan S. Patel, W. Bryan Wilent, Michael J. Gutman, Joseph A. Abboud 
 Low-dose aspirin and the rate of symptomatic venous thromboembolic complications following primary shoulder arthroplasty 
Jacob M. Kirsch, Michael Gutman, Manan Patel, Alex Rondon, Matthew L. Ramsey, Joseph A. Abboud, Gerald R. Williams, Surena Namdari 
 Patient risk factors for acromial stress fractures after reverse shoulder arthroplasty: a multicenter study 
Michael A. Moverman, Mariano E. Menendez, Kuhan A. Mahendraraj, Teja Polisetty, Andrew Jawa, Jonathan C. Levy 
 Bone resorption of the greater tuberosity after open reduction and internal fixation of complex proximal humeral fractures: fragment characteristics and intraoperative risk factors 
Satoshi Miyamura, Jonathan Lans, Kyong S. Min, Gregory R. Waryasz, Tsuyoshi Murase, Neal C. Chen 
 Good outcome after repair of trauma-related anterosuperior rotator cuff tears—a prospective cohort study 
Hanna C. Björnsson Hallgren, Theresa Holmgren 
 Distal biceps ruptures in National Football League players: return to play and performance analysis 
Andrew McGinniss, Luis A. Guinand, Irfan Ahmed, Michael Vosbikian 
 Outcomes following revision of the revision total elbow arthroplasty 
Peter Domos, Mikaël Chelli, Madhavan C. Papanna, Kishan Gokaraju, David Stanley, Amjid A. Ali 
 Mid- to long-term survivorship of the cemented, semiconstrained Discovery total elbow arthroplasty 
Zakk M. Borton, Ganesh Prasad, Georgios Konstantopoulos, Marie L. Morgan, Tim Cresswell, Marius P. Espag, Amol A. Tambe, David I. Clark 
 Operative vs. nonoperative treatment for Mason type 2 radial head fractures: a randomized controlled trial 
Marjolein A.M. Mulders, Niels W.L. Schep, Robert-Jan O. de Muinck Keizer, Izaäk F. Kodde, Jochem M. Hoogendoorn, J. Carel Goslings, Denise Eygendaal 
Open Access
 Review Articles 
 Scapular motion in the presence of rotator cuff tears: a systematic review 
Anthony M. Barcia, Justin L. Makovicka, David B. Spenciner, Aaron M. Chamberlain, Marc C. Jacofsky, Stefan M. Gabriel, Philipp Moroder, Brigitte von Rechenberg, Mehmet Z. Sengun, John M. Tokish 
 Short-term complications of the Latarjet procedure: a systematic review 
Eoghan T. Hurley, Luke B. Schwartz, Edward S. Mojica, Kirk A. Campbell, Bogdan A. Matache, Robert J. Meislin, Laith Jazrawi 
 Lateralized versus nonlateralized glenospheres in reverse shoulder arthroplasty: a systematic review with meta-analysis 
Bernardo Nunes, Daniela Linhares, Francisca Costa, Nuno Neves, Rui Claro, Manuel Ribeiro Silva 
 Systematic review and network meta-analysis of subscapularis management techniques in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty 
Michael A. Del Core, Holt S. Cutler, Junho Ahn, Michael Khazzam 
 Online Articles 
 Survival of stemless humeral head replacement in anatomic shoulder arthroplasty: a prospective study 
Petra Magosch, Sven Lichtenberg, Peter Habermeyer 
 Regional anesthesia for clavicle fracture surgery is safe and effective 
Devon J. Ryan, Natalia Iofin, David Furgiuele, Joseph Johnson, Kenneth Egol 
 Long-term outcome and survival rate of monopolar radial head replacement 
Marc Schnetzke, Matthias K. Jung, Corinna Groetzner-Schmidt, Anna-K. Tross, Felix Porschke, Paul A. Grützner, Thorsten Guehring, Philip-Christian Nolte 
 The relationship between glenoid inclination and instability following primary reverse shoulder arthroplasty 
Daniel A. Bechtold, Pramodh K. Ganapathy, Alexander W. Aleem, Aaron M. Chamberlain, Jay D. Keener 
 Radiographic changes around the glenoid component in primary reverse shoulder arthroplasty at mid-term follow-up 
Yaiza Lopiz, María Galán-Olleros, Luis Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Carlos García-Fernández, Fernando Marco 
 Complications after sternoclavicular surgery 
Floor M. van Diek, Nienke M. Kosse, Marco van der Pluijm, Oscar Dorrestijn 
 Opioid requirement after rotator cuff repair is low with a multimodal approach to pain 
Nikhil K. Mandava, Paul M. Sethi, Howard D. Routman, Nicole Liddy, Georges Haidamous, Patrick J. Denard 
 Can adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder be a consequence of COVID-19? Case series of 12 patients 
Claudio Ascani, Daniele Passaretti, Marco Scacchi, Gianluca Bullitta, Mauro De Cupis, Monia Pasqualetto, Jacopo Ascani 
 Limited Predictive Value of the Instability Severity Index Score: Evaluation of 217 Consecutive Cases of Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Instability 
Travis J. Dekker, Liam A. Peebles, Andrew S. Bernhardson, Petar Golijanin, Giovanni Di Giacomo, Matthew T. Provencher 
 Long Term Clinical and Radiological Results of an All-Polyethylene, Pegged, Bone Ingrowth Glenoid Component 
Matthew C. Evans, Paul Borbas, David Mcd Taylor, Steven Lee, Malin Wijeratna 
 Inconsistencies in the MRI Evaluation of Rotator Cuff Atrophy After Surgical Repair 
Young Hoon Jang, Sae Hoon Kim 
 Nationwide Trends in the Australian Management of Proximal Humerus Fractures: An Analysis of 77,966 Cases from 2008 to 2017 
Fraser James Taylor, Andrew S. Mclean, Nathan Price, Alesha Hatton, Stephen Graves 
 Same Day Discharged Shoulder Arthroplasty is a Safe Option, Prospective Cohort Study 
Derk Van Kampen, Lieke De Vries, Robert Jan Hillen, Paulo La Guardia, Rienk Van Beek 
 Five-Year Outcomes of Pyrocarbon Humeral Resurfacing Arthroplasty in Young Patients: Analysis from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry 
Andrew Phillip Mcbride, Mark Ross, Greg Hoy, Richard Page, Phillip Duke, Fraser Taylor 
 Shoulder Joint Arthroplasty in Young Patients: Analysis of 8742 Patients from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry 
Andrew Mcbride, Richard Page, Mark Ross, Fraser Taylor 
 Arthroscopic Guided Latarjet and Arthroscopic Guider Autologous Iliac Crest Bone Graft or Xenograft Combined with Subscapularis Augmentation Using Round-Button in Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Instability: A Prospective Study 
Sabri Dlimi, Paolo Piovan, Andrea Fiocchi, Antonello Lazzaro, Renato Salvador 
 Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures Using Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: Does the Inclination of the Humeral Component Influence the Clinical Outcome and Tuberosity Healing? 
Malte Holschen, Patrick Khourdaji, Maria Körting, Kai-Axel Witt, Jörn Steinbeck 
 Outcome of a Stemless Anatomic Shoulder Arthroplasty in Patients with Osteoarthritis and a Walch Type B Glenoid 
Simon Bell, Gray Edwards, Jennifer Coghlan 
 Associations of Hypo-High-Density Lipoproteinemia with Increments of Preoperative Rotator Cuff Tear Size and with Postoperative Retear 
Hyung Bin Park, Ji-Yong Gwark 
 Evaluation of Three Different Rehabilitation Protocols After Rotator Cuff Repair, and the Effectiveness of Water/Pool Therapy. A Randomized Control Study 
Alec Cikes, Fayssal Kadri, Alexandre Lädermann 
 Revision Radial Head Arthroplasty with Deliberate Underlengthening of the Prosthesis 
Izaäk F. Kodde, Annelien De Mesel, Jan Debeij, Roger P. Van Riet 

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