Mei 2021 JSES Nieuwe abstracts en online artikelen

Op deze pagina worden regelmatig de abstracts weergegeven van de onlangs verschenen artikelen van JSES die betrekking hebben op de Schouder en Elleboog of anders interessant zijn voor de leden van de regionale Schoudernetwerken.

 Review Articles
 Biceps tenodesis versus tenotomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of level I randomized controlled trials 
John W. Belk, Matthew J. Kraeutler, Darby A. Houck, Ashley N. Chrisman, Anthony J. Scillia, Eric C. McCarty 
 A meta-analysis of level I evidence comparing tenotomy vs tenodesis in the management of long head of biceps pathology 
Xi Ming Zhu, Timothy Leroux, Eyal Ben-David, Brittany Dennis, Chetan Gohal, Jacob M. Kirsch, Moin Khan 
 The Popeye sign: a doctor’s and not a patient’s problem 
Derek F.P. van Deurzen, Frans L. Garssen, Ronald N. Wessel, Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs, Michel P.J. van den Bekerom, Marieke F. van Wier 
 Shoulder and elbow pathology in the female athlete: sex-specific considerations 
Lauren E. Wessel, Claire D. Eliasberg, Edward Bowen, Karen M. Sutton 
 Liposomal bupivacaine infiltration in the surgical site for analgesia after rotator cuff repair: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial 
Nicole M. Verdecchia, Mark W. Rodosky, Michael Kentor, Steven L. Orebaugh 
 Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty provides better shoulder function than hemiarthroplasty for displaced 3- and 4-part proximal humeral fractures in patients aged 70 years or older: a multicenter randomized controlled trial 
Eythor Ö. Jonsson, Carl Ekholm, Björn Salomonsson, Yilmaz Demir, Per Olerud Collaborators in the SAPF Study Group 
Open Access
 Cost-effectiveness analyses in shoulder arthroplasty: a critical review using the Quality of Health Economic Studies (QHES) instrument 
William M. Cregar, Alexander Beletsky, Gregory L. Cvetanovich, Brian T. Feeley, Gregory P. Nicholson, Nikhil N. Verma 
 Stiffness: friend or foe? A cohort study evaluating the effect of early postoperative stiffness on the outcomes of patients who underwent superior labral repair 
Geoffrey T. Murphy, Patrick Lam, George A.C. Murrell 
 Preoperative opioid use is an independent risk factor for complication, revision, and increased health care utilization following primary total shoulder arthroplasty 
Jacob M. Wilson, Kevin X. Farley, Michael B. Gottschalk, Charles A. Daly, Eric R. Wagner 
 Postoperative opioid utilization associated with revision risk following primary shoulder arthroplasty 
Anshuman Singh, Priscilla H. Chan, Heather A. Prentice, Anita G. Rao 
 Comparison of the accuracy of telehealth examination versus clinical examination in the detection of shoulder pathology 
Kendall E. Bradley, Chad Cook, Emily K. Reinke, Emily N. Vinson, Richard C. Mather III, Jonathan Riboh, Tally Lassiter, Jocelyn R. Wittstein 
 Superior capsular reconstruction using a porcine dermal xenograft for irreparable rotator cuff tears: outcomes at minimum two-year follow-up 
Albert Ferrando, Ross Kingston, Ruth A. Delaney 
 Short-term outcomes of reverse shoulder arthroplasty using a custom baseplate for severe glenoid deficiency 
Blake M. Bodendorfer, Galvin J. Loughran, Austin M. Looney, Anthony T. Velott, Jason A. Stein, David M. Lutton, Brent B. Wiesel, Anand M. Murthi 
 Central-peg radiolucency progression of an all-polyethylene glenoid with hybrid fixation in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty is associated with clinical failure and reoperation 
Jason C. Ho, Eric T. Ricchetti, Joseph P. Iannotti 
 Monitoring daily shoulder activity before and after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty using inertial measurement units 
Madeleine L. Van de Kleut, Riley A. Bloomfield, Matthew G. Teeter, George S. Athwal 
 Grip and shoulder strength correlation with validated outcome instruments in patients with rotator cuff tears 
Robert C. Manske, Dalton W. Jones, Clayton E. Dir, Haley K. LeBlanc, Megan A. Reddy, Matthew A. Straka, Kayla Demel, Daniel Prohaska, Greg Mendez, Barbara Smith 
 Determination of pre-arthropathy scapular anatomy with a statistical shape model: part I—rotator cuff tear arthropathy 
Filip Verhaegen, Alexander Meynen, Harold Matthews, Peter Claes, Philippe Debeer, Lennart Scheys 
 Comma sign of subscapularis tear: diagnostic performance and magnetic resonance imaging appearance 
Marcello Zappia, Francesco Ascione, Alfonso Maria Romano, Francesco Di Pietto, Guglielmo Nastrucci, Anna Collina, Luca Brunese 
 Shoulder internal rotation contracture in brachial plexus birth injury: proximal or distal subscapularis release? 
Romain Allard, Franck Fitoussi, Mohammad Reza Azarpira, Manon Bachy, Jean Grimberg, Malo Le Hanneur 
 Efficacy of a single, image-guided corticosteroid injection for glenohumeral arthritis 
Cameron M. Metzger, Hassan Farooq, Gregory A. Merrell, F. Thomas D. Kaplan, Jeffrey A. Greenberg, Nicholas E. Crosby, Kathryn M. Peck, Reed W. Hoyer 
 Factors associated with revision surgery for olecranon bursitis after bursectomy 
Lazin Germawi, Ritsaart F. Westenberg, Frederick Wang, Niels W.L. Schep, Neal C. Chen, Kyle R. Eberlin 
 Does sonography allow an objective and reproducible distinction between stable, hypermobile, and unstable elbow joints? 
Stephanie Kirschbaum, Fabian Plachel, Maximillian Kerschbaum, Christian Gerhard, Kathi Thiele 
 Utility of a 3-dimensionally printed color-coded bone model to visualize impinging osteophytes for arthroscopic débridement arthroplasty in elbow osteoarthritis 
Atsuo Shigi, Kunihiro Oka, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Ryoya Shiode, Tsuyoshi Murase 
 Basic Science 
 Increasing incidence of primary reverse and anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty in the United States 
Matthew J. Best, Keith T. Aziz, John H. Wilckens, Edward G. McFarland, Uma Srikumaran 
 Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation for instability as an alternative to the Rowe score 
Alexandre Lädermann, Patrick J. Denard, Philippe Collin, Mohamed Ibrahim, Hugo Bothorel, Joe Chih-Hao Chiu 
Open Access
 Responsiveness of patient-reported outcomes in shoulder arthroplasty: what are we actually measuring? 
Kevin J. Cronin, Justin A. Magnuson, Meredith L. Murphy, R. Zackary Unger, Cale A. Jacobs, Matthew H. Blake 
 Resiliency influences postoperative outcomes following rotator cuff repair 
Ariel Porter, Misti A. Hill, Richard Harm, R. Michael Greiwe 
 Effective stretching positions for the posterior shoulder capsule as determined by shear wave elastography 
Naoya Iida, Keigo Taniguchi, Kota Watanabe, Hiroki Miyamoto, Tatsuya Taniguchi, Atsushi Teramoto, Masaki Katayose 
 Biomechanical effectiveness of tendon transfers to restore active internal rotation in shoulder with deficient subscapularis with and without reverse shoulder arthroplasty 
Jean-David Werthel, Bradley S. Schoch, Alex Hooke, John W. Sperling, Kai-Nan An, Philippe Valenti, Bassem Elhassan 
 Glenoid baseplate screw fixation in reverse shoulder arthroplasty: does locking screw position and orientation matter? 
Sejla Abdic, Jason Lockhart, Naser Alnusif, James A. Johnson, George S. Athwal
 Tensioning device increases biomechanical stability of tuberosity fixation technique with cerclage sutures in reverse shoulder arthroplasty for fracture 
Jonas Schmalzl, Marina Piepenbrink, Julian Buchner, Sebastian Picht, Christian Gerhardt, Lars-Johannes Lehmann 
 Online Articles 
 The elbow plica: a systematic review of terminology and characteristics 
Erica Kholinne, Akriti Nanda, Hua Liu, Jae-Man Kwak, Hyojune Kim, Kyoung-Hwan Koh, In-Ho Jeon 
 Degenerative changes in the elbow joint after radial head excision for fracture: quantitative 3-dimensional analysis of bone density, stress distribution, and bone morphology 
Satoshi Miyamura, Jonathan Lans, Tsuyoshi Murase, Kunihiro Oka, Neal C. Chen
 Associations of preoperative patient mental health status and sociodemographic and clinical characteristics with baseline pain, function, and satisfaction in patients undergoing primary shoulder arthroplasty 
Sambit Sahoo, Kathleen A. Derwin, Alexander Zajichek Cleveland Clinic Shoulder Group, Vahid Entezari, Peter B. Imrey, Joseph P. Iannotti, Eric T. Ricchetti 
 Using machine learning to predict clinical outcomes after shoulder arthroplasty with a minimal feature set 
Vikas Kumar, Christopher Roche, Steven Overman, Ryan Simovitch, Pierre-Henri Flurin, Thomas Wright, Joseph Zuckerman, Howard Routman, Ankur Teredesai 
 Exploring expert variability in defining pseudoparalysis: an international survey 
Curtis J. Fahey, Ruth A. Delaney 
 Players’ perspectives on successfully returning to professional baseball after medial ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction 
Christopher L. Camp, Andrew R. Jensen, Devin P. Leland, Nancy Flynn, Jeff Lahti, Stan Conte 
 Venous thromboembolism after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in a patient with a negative presurgical SARS-CoV-2 test who developed symptomatic COVID-19 three days after surgery 
Aakash Chauhan, Diego Villacis, Ryan Boente, Anthony A. Romeo 
 Letter to the editor regarding Barlow et al: “Locking plate fixation of proximal humerus fractures in patients older than 60 years continues to be associated with a high complication rate” 
Leanne S. Blaas, Charlotte M. Lameijer, Robert Jan Derksen 
 Response to Letter to the Editor regarding Barlow et al: “Locking plate fixation of proximal humerus fractures in patients older than 60 years continues to be associated with a high complication rate” 
Jonathan D. Barlow, Anthony L. Logli, Scott P. Steinmann, Stephen A. Sems, William C. Cross, Brandon J. Yuan, Michael E. Torchia, Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo 

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