Mei 2022 JSES Nieuwe abstracts en online artikelen

Op deze pagina worden regelmatig de abstracts weergegeven van de onlangs verschenen artikelen van JSES die betrekking hebben op de Schouder en Elleboog of anders interessant zijn voor de leden van de regionale Schoudernetwerken.

 Acne cream reduces the deep Cutibacterium acnes tissue load before elective open shoulder surgery: a randomized controlled pilot trial 
Ines Unterfrauner, Karl Wieser, Sabrina Catanzaro, Ilker Uçkay, Samy Bouaicha 
 A prospective randomized controlled trial comparing plating augmented with coracoclavicular fixation and hook plate fixation of displaced distal-third clavicle fractures 
Tino-vito Orlandi, Nicholas S. Rogers, Marilize C. Burger, Paul R. King, Robert P. Lamberts 
 The impact of upper-extremity injuries on polytrauma patients at a level 1 trauma center 
Miliaan L. Zeelenberg, Dennis Den Hartog, Sascha Halvachizadeh, Hans-Christian Pape, Michael H.J. Verhofstad, Esther M.M. Van Lieshout 
Open Access
 Primary reverse total shoulder arthroplasty performed for glenohumeral arthritis: does glenoid morphology matter? 
Robert J. Pettit, Sundeep B. Saini, Richard N. Puzzitiello, Paul-Anthony J. Hart, Glen Ross, Jacob M. Kirsch, Andrew Jawa 
 Better diagnostic value of tissue cultures obtained during mini-open and arthroscopic procedures compared with sterile punctures to identify periprosthetic shoulder infections: a retrospective cohort study 
Nathalie Pruijn, Nicole Heesakkers, Nienke Kosse, Marco van der Pluijm, Denise Telgt, Oscar Dorrestijn 
 Three-dimensional analysis of baseplate screw penetration in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: risk of iatrogenic suprascapular neuropathy by screw violation 
Young Hoon Jang, Seung Yeol Oh, Sae Hoon Kim 
 Capsular repair is not an important part of the Latarjet-Walch procedure 
Dipit Sahu 
 Is workload associated with latissimus dorsi and teres major tears in professional baseball pitchers? An analysis of days of rest, innings pitched, and batters faced 
Peter N. Chalmers, Kathryn McElheny, John D’Angelo, Kevin Ma, Dana Rowe, Anthony A. Romeo, Brandon J. Erickson 
 A comprehensive evaluation of the association of radiographic measures of lateralization on clinical outcomes following reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 
Brandon J. Erickson, Brian C. Werner, Justin W. Griffin, Reuben Gobezie, Evan Lederman, Benjamin W. Sears, Easton Bents, Patrick J. Denard 
 Evaluation of clinical and radiographic outcomes after total shoulder arthroplasty with inset Trabecular Metal–backed glenoid 
Jordan Murphy, Evan Todd, Melissa A. Wright, Anand M. Murthi 
 Patients without re-dislocation in the short term after arthroscopic knotless Bankart repair for anterior shoulder instability may show residual apprehension and recurrence in the long term after 5 years 
İlker Eren, Kadir Büyükdogan, Batuhan Yürük, Lercan Aslan, Olgar Birsel, Mehmet Demirhan 
 Arthroscopic surgery versus open surgery for lateral epicondylitis in an active work population: a comparative study 
Socorro López-Alameda, David Varillas-Delgado, Juan De Felipe-Gallego, María Gabriela González-Granados, Luis Enrique Hernández-Castillejo, Fernando García-de Lucas 
 Platelet-rich plasma vs. corticosteroid injections for the treatment of recalcitrant lateral epicondylitis: a cost-effectiveness Markov decision analysis 
Kevin M. Klifto, Stephen H. Colbert, Marc J. Richard, Oke A. Anakwenze, David S. Ruch, Christopher S. Klifto 
 Elbow arthroplasty is safe for the management of simple open distal humeral fractures 
Brook Leung, Michael McKee, Chris Peach, Tim Matthews, Magnus Arnander, Robert Moverley, Richard Murphy, Joideep Phadnis 
 Elbow hemiarthroplasty for acute distal humeral fractures and their sequelae: medium- and long-term follow-up of 41 cases 
Andrea Celli, Marco Ricciarelli, Enrico Guerra, Pierluigi Bonucci, Alice Ritali, Marco Cavallo, Marco Rotini, Roberto Rotini 
 Basic Science 
 Joint and segment sequencing and its relationship to ball velocity and throwing arm kinetics in professional pitchers 
Joseph E. Manzi, Brittany Dowling, Zhaorui Wang, Jim R. Lamb, Emily G. Fry, Kathryn D. McElheny, Michael C. Fu, Joshua S. Dines 
 Medial elbow joint space gapping associated with repetitive baseball pitching in preadolescent baseball players 
Koji Matsuo, Hiroyoshi Masuma, Masashi Kawabata, Toru Miyata, Kazumasa Miida, Hiroyuki Watanabe 
 Characterization of ASES score pain and functional improvement after anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty: a patient-centered perspective 
Rifat Ahmed, Nathan S. Lanham, Joel R. Peterson, Charles M. Jobin, William N. Levine 
 Chronic adaptations of the long head of the biceps tendon and groove in professional baseball pitchers 
Stephen J. Thomas, Joseph J. Sarver, D. David Ebaugh, Ryan W. Paul, Alim Osman, Matthew Topley, Lonnie Soloff, James Quinlan, John D. Kelly IV 
 Macroscopic aspects of glenohumeral synovitis are related to rotator cuff tear severity 
Vittorio Candela, Rossana Aimino, Lorenzo Mezzaqui, Jacopo Preziosi Standoli, Stefano Gumina 
 Long head of biceps transfer to augment Bankart repair in chronic anterior shoulder instability with and without subcritical bone loss: a biomechanical study 
Mario H. Lobao, Pooyan Abbasi, Anand M. Murthi 
 Reviews and Surveys 
 What is the deviation in 3D preoperative planning software? A systematic review of concordance between plan and actual implant in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 
Brendan M. Lilley, Andrew Lachance, Annalise M. Peebles, Sarah N. Powell, Anthony A. Romeo, Patrick J. Denard, Capt. Matthew T. Provencher 
 Stemless reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: a systematic review 
David A. Ajibade, Clark X. Yin, Hussein S. Hamid, Brett P. Wiater, Alexander Martusiewicz, J. Michael Wiater 
Open Access
 Different expectations of patients and surgeons with regard to rotator cuff repair 
Katrin Karpinski, Fabian Plachel, Christian Gerhardt, Tim Saier, Mark Tauber, Alexander Auffarth, Doruk Akgün, Philipp Moroder 
 Understanding postoperative rehabilitation preferences in operatively managed proximal humerus fractures: do trauma and shoulder surgeons differ? 
David A. Patch, Logan A. Reed, Kevin A. Hao, Joseph J. King, Scott G. Kaar, John G. Horneff, Jaimo Ahn, Jason A. Strelzow, Jonah Hebert-Davies, Milton T.M. Little, Peter C. Krause, Joseph P. Johnson, Clay A. Spitler 
 Online Articles 
 Factors correlated with the optimal tension for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair using Grasper Tensioning Attachment 
Tomohiro Uno, Nariyuki Mura, Issei Yuki, Ryuta Oishi, Michiaki Takagi 
 A prospective observational case control study investigating the coronal plane scapular morphological differences in full-thickness posterosuperior cuff tears and primary glenohumeral osteoarthritis 
Geoffrey C.S. Smith 
 Using machine learning to predict internal rotation after anatomic and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 
Vikas Kumar, Bradley S. Schoch, Christine Allen, Steve Overman, Ankur Teredesai, William Aibinder, Moby Parsons, Jonathan Watling, Jiawei Kevin Ko, Bruno Gobbato, Thomas Throckmorton, Howard Routman, Christopher Roche 
 Rehabilitation for atraumatic shoulder instability in circus arts performers: delivery via telehealth 
Charlotte L. Ganderton, Oren Tirosh, David Munro, Denny Meyer, Ross Lenssen, Simon Balster, Lyn Watson, Sarah Warby 

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