Nieuwe abstracts van JSES augustus 2019 - Basic Science - Shoulder - Elbow

Psychosocial factors affecting variation in patient-reported outcomes after elbow fractures
Prakash Jayakumar, Teun Teunis, Ana-Maria Vranceanu, Meredith Grogan Moore, Mark Williams, Sarah Lamb, David Ring, Stephen Gwilym
Low return-to-sports rate after elbow injury and treatment with radial head arthroplasty
Matthias Jung, Corinna Groetzner-Schmidt, Felix Porschke, Paul A. Grützner, Thorsten Guehring, Marc Schnetzke
Component fracture after total elbow arthroplasty
Homin Lee, Anthony M. Vaichinger, Shawn W. O'Driscoll
Surgical revision of radial head fractures: a multicenter retrospective analysis of 466 cases
Michael Hackl, Kilian Wegmann, Boris Hollinger, Bilal F. El-Zayat, Dominik Seybold, Thorsten Gühring, Marc Schnetzke, Kay Schmidt-Horlohé, Stefan Greiner, Helmut Lill, Alexander Ellwein, Michael C. Glanzmann, Sebastian Siebenlist, Martin Jäger, Jörg Weber, Lars P. Müller
Idiopathic anterior dislocation of the radial head: symptoms, radiographic findings, and management of 8 patients
Muneaki Abe, Hozumi Kumano, Akihiko Kinoshita, Atsushi Yokota, Katsunori Ohno
Basic Science

Impact of ball weight on medial elbow torque in youth baseball pitchers
Kelechi R. Okoroha, Jason E. Meldau, Toufic R. Jildeh, Jeffrey P. Stephens, Vasilios Moutzouros, Eric C. Makhni
Influence of advanced glycation end products on rotator cuff
Yutaka Mifune, Atsuyuki Inui, Tomoyuki Muto, Hanako Nishimoto, Takeshi Kataoka, Takashi Kurosawa, Kohei Yamaura, Shintaro Mukohara, Takahiro Niikura, Takeshi Kokubu, Ryosuke Kuroda
The pathoanatomy of the anterior bundle of the medial ulnar collateral ligament
Rik J. Molenaars, Michel P.J. van den Bekerom, Denise Eygendaal, Luke S. Oh
Biomechanical analysis of latissimus dorsi tendon transfer with and without superior capsule reconstruction using dermal allograft
Reza Omid, Michael A. Stone, Charles C. Lin, Nilay A. Patel, Yasuo Itami, Michelle H. McGarry, Thay Q. Lee
A biomechanical comparison of two arthroscopic suture techniques in biceps tenodesis: whip-stitch vs. simple suture techniques
Avinesh Agarwalla, Richard N. Puzzitiello, Natalie L. Leong, Elizabeth F. Shewman, Nikhil N. Verma, Anthony A. Romeo, Brian Forsythe
Joint contact areas after radial head arthroplasty: a comparative study of 3 prostheses
Fabian G.P. Moungondo, Aurélie Andrzejewski, Roger R.P. van Riet, Véronique Feipel, Marcel Rooze, Frédéric A. Schuind

Relationship between postoperative retear and preoperative fatty degeneration in large and massive rotator cuff tears: quantitative analysis using T2 mapping
Yuki Iijima, Keisuke Matsuki, Shota Hoshika, Yusuke Ueda, Hiroshige Hamada, Morihito Tokai, Norimasa Takahashi, Hiroyuki Sugaya, Atsuya Watanabe
Identifying regional characteristics influencing variation in the utilization of rotator cuff repair in the United States
Daniel C. Austin, Michael T. Torchia, Jonathan D. Lurie, David S. Jevsevar, John-Erik Bell
The short-term survival of total stemless shoulder arthroplasty for osteoarthritis is comparable to that of total stemmed shoulder arthroplasty: a Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association study
Jeppe V. Rasmussen, Jenni Harjula, Erica D. Arverud, Randi Hole, Steen L. Jensen, Stig Brorson, Anne Marie Fenstad, Björn Salomonsson, Ville Äärimaa
Reverse shoulder arthroplasty in the treatment of glenohumeral instability
Anita Hasler, Paolo Fornaciari, Anna Jungwirth-Weinberger, Thorsten Jentzsch, Karl Wieser, Christian Gerber
Radiographic restoration of native anatomy: a comparison between stemmed and stemless shoulder arthroplasty
Martim C. Pinto, Adam T. Archie, Zachary A. Mosher, Erin F. Ransom, Geral McGwin, Edward V. Fehringer, Eugene W. Brabston III, Brent A. Ponce
Treatment of severe glenoid deficiencies in reverse shoulder arthroplasty: the Glenius Glenoid Reconstruction System experience
Philippe Debeer, Bart Berghs, Nicole Pouliart, Gert Van den Bogaert, Filip Verhaegen, Stefaan Nijs
A reliable method of determining glenohumeral offset in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty
Andrew Bodrogi, George S. Athwal, Lisa Howard, Tinghua Zhang, Peter Lapner
Intraoperative neuromonitoring during reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Satoshi Shinagawa, Hitoshi Shitara, Atsushi Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Ichinose, Noritaka Hamano, Daisuke Shimoyama, Fumitaka Endo, Takuro Kuboi, Tsuyoshi Tajika, Tsutomu Kobayashi, Toshihisa Osawa, Kenji Takagishi, Hirotaka Chikuda
Review Article

Online Articles

Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty and resting radiographic scapular rotation
Timothy L. Kahn, Erin K. Granger, Heath B. Henninger, Robert Z. Tashjian, Peter N. Chalmers
Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection of reverse shoulder arthroplasty: a case report
Thomas Amouyel, Pierre Gaeremynck, Benjamin Gadisseux, Marc Saab, Eric Senneville, Carlos Maynou
Letter to the Editor regarding Qui et al: “Cutibacterium acnes and the shoulder microbiome”
Dustin R. Long, Jason E. Hsu, Stephen J. Salipante, Roger E. Bumgarner
Response to Long et al regarding: “Cutibacterium acnes and the shoulder microbiome”
David B. O'Gorman, Ana M. Pena-Diaz, Darren Drosdowech, Kenneth J. Faber, George S. Athwal, Jeremy P. Burton, Kait Al, Tony Huang, Boyang Qiu
* Postoperative Recovery Comparisons of Latissimus Dorsi Transfer to Lower Trapezius Transfer for the treatment of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears
Jarret M. Woodmass, Eric R. Wagner, Michelle J. Chang, Kathryn M. Welp, Laurence D. Higgins, Jon J.P. Warner
Lateralization and Attachment Site Affect Subscapularis Biomechanics after Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Andreas Kontaxis, Eric Windsor, James J. Eno, Xiang Chen, David M. Dines, Lawrence Gulotta, Samuel A. Taylor
Outcomes of Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Instability Arthropathy with a Prior Coracoid Transfer Procedure: A Retrospective Review and Comparative Cohort
Michael J. Bender, Brent J. Morris, Mitzi S. Laughlin, Aydin Budeyri, Ryan K. Le, Hussein A. Elkousy, T. Bradley Edwards
One and Two-Year Clinical Outcomes for A Standard All-Polyethylene Glenoid Component with A Fluted Central Peg: Analysis of 1270 Individual Patients from 11 Different Centers
Frederick A. Matsen III, Joseph P. Iannotti, R. Sean Churchill, Lieven De Wilde Sr., T. Bradley Edwards, Matthew C. Evans, Edward V. Fehringer, Gordon I. Groh, James D. Kelly II, Christopher M. Kilian, Giovanni Merolla, Tom R. Norris, Giuseppe Porcellini, Edwin E. Spencer Jr., Anne Vidil, Michael A. Wirth, Stacy M. Russ, Moni B. Neradilek, Jeremy S. Somerson
Joint Contact Changes with Under-Sized Prosthetic Radial Heads
Daniel R. Bachman, Sangeun Park, Sutee Thaveepunsan, James S. Fitzsimmons, Kai-nan An, Shawn W. O’Driscoll
Prevention of Post-Traumatic Elbow Stiffness Using Botulinum Toxin
Henrik C. Bäcker, Christina Freibott, Eric F. Swart, Charles M. Jobin, Robert J. Strauch, Melvin P. Rosenwasser
The Determination of Interobserver and Intraobserver Reliability of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based Classification System for Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury
Prem N. Ramkumar, Salvatore J. Frangiamore, Sergio M. Navarro, T.S. Lynch, Scott G. Kaar, Sam Akhavan, Vasilios Moutzouros, Robert W. Westermann, Lutul D. Farrow, Mark S. Schickendantz
* Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator for Prolonged Opioid Use After Shoulder Surgery
Allen D. Nicholson, Hafiz F. Kassam, Jacqueline Steele, Natalie Passarelli, Theodore A. Blaine, David Kovacevic

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