Nieuwe abstracts van JSES maart 2018

Anatomic landmarks for arthroscopic suprapectoral biceps tenodesis: a cadaveric study

Published online: February 27, 2018

Andrew S. Neviaser, Diana C. Patterson, Paul J. Cagle, Bradford O. Parsons, Evan L. Flatow

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery


Total shoulder arthroplasty in patients with a B2 glenoid addressed with corrective reaming

Published online: February 28, 2018

Nathan D. Orvets, Aaron M. Chamberlain, Brendan M. Patterson, Peter N. Chalmers, Michelle Gosselin, Dane Salazar, Alexander W. Aleem, Jay D. Keener

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery


Modified triceps fascial tongue approach for primary total elbow arthroplasty

Published online: February 26, 2018

Ki-Tae Na, Seok-Whan Song, Yoon-Min Lee, Jae-Hoon Choi

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery


Predictive findings on magnetic resonance imaging in patients with symptomatic acromioclavicular osteoarthritis

Published online: February 28, 2018

Egbert J.D. Veen, Cornelia M. Donders, Robin E. Westerbeek, Rosalie P.H. Derks, Ellie B.M. Landman, Cornelis T. Koorevaar

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery


The management of infected elbow arthroplasty by two-stage revision

Published online: March 1, 2018

Will B.J. Rudge, Kelechi Eseonu, Matthew Brown, Simon Warren, Addie Majed, Ian L. Bayley, Simon M. Lambert, Deborah Higgs, Mark Falworth

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery


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