Nieuwjaarsgroet van EUSSER

Nieuwjaarsgroet van de voorzitter van EUSSER: Yasmaine Karel

Dear EUSSER member,

It has been a year since we have been able to see one another at the EUSSER annual meeting in the Netherlands.
The year 2020 has caused quite some turbulence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like for our society, it has been a challenge for everyone to re-imagine their work. Looking forward to 2021, as the vaccines are coming, we are full of good hope for the future.

We deeply thank all our members for all their commitment to the society and we hope to see you in our future digital events or the next annual EUSSER congress in Poznan September 15th till 18th.

Heartfelt holiday greetings and a happy new year from all of us!

Furthermore, I would like to thank the board and committee members for their time and efforts during 2020. One way to show appreciation is to highlight their research and development achievements during the last year. Find a list of citations in the appendix. Herein, a lot of valuable information for you and your colleagues.

If you have valuable publications yourself. please sent them to and EUSSER will be happy to spread this among all our members.

Stay safe!!
On behalf of all the board members,

Dr. Yasmaine Karel
President of EUSSER