Uit de Nieuwsbrief van EUSSER

Suzanne Gard: “As mentioned in our previous newsletter, on December the European Congress of Shoulder & Elbow Rehabilitation “Brain & Pain” took place at Hertogenbosch – Netherlands”

Suzanne Gard

This fantastic event was the result of a big effort and collaboration between EUSSER, Shoulderwork the Netherlands and Shouldernetwork Flanders giving members the chance to connect and network for 2 days.

We are proud to say that the event hosted more than 1200 PT’s from all over Europe, becoming a massive event where lot of relevant health care professionals were presenting, some of them are EUSSER’s board and committee members.

Huge thanks to Ann Cools, Jo Gibson, Anju Jaggi, Suzanne Gard, Val Jones, Céline Labie and Andre Le Leu for the high quality talks and workshops.