Oktober 2021 JSES Nieuwe abstracts en online artikelen

Op deze pagina worden regelmatig de abstracts weergegeven van de onlangs verschenen artikelen van JSES die betrekking hebben op de Schouder en Elleboog of anders interessant zijn voor de leden van de regionale Schoudernetwerken.

 Factors associated with humeral shaft nonunion 
William M. Oliver, Henry K.C. Searle, Zhan Herr Ng, Samuel G. Molyneux, Timothy O. White, Nicholas D. Clement, Andrew D. Duckworth 
 Predictors of acromial and scapular stress fracture after reverse shoulder arthroplasty: a study by the ASES Complications of RSA Multicenter Research Group 
Kuhan A. Mahendraraj, Joseph Abboud, April Armstrong, Luke Austin, Tyler Brolin, Vahid Entezari, Lisa Friedman, Grant E. Garrigues, Brian Grawe, Lawrence Gulotta, Michael Gutman, Paul-Anthony Hart, Rhett Hobgood, John G. Horneff, Joseph Iannotti, Michael Khazzam, Joseph King, Michael A. Kloby, Margaret Knack, Jon Levy, Anand Murthi, Surena Namdari, Laurence Okeke, Randall Otto, Douglas E. Parsell, Teja Polisetty, Padmavathi Ponnuru, Eric Ricchetti, Robert Tashjian, Thomas Throckmorton, Clay Townsend, Melissa Wright, Thomas Wright, Zachary Zimmer, Mariano E. Menendez, Andrew Jawa 
 Is outpatient shoulder arthroplasty safe in patients aged ≥65 years? A comparison of readmissions and complications in inpatient and outpatient settings 
Taylor J. Willenbring, Marijke J. DeVos, Adam M. Kozemchak, Ryan J. Warth, James M. Gregory 
 Reverse shoulder arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis: survival and outcomes 
Christophe Lévigne, Mikaël Chelli, Tyler R. Johnston, Marie-Charlotte Trojani, Daniel Molé, Gilles Walch, Pascal Boileau 
Open Access
 The utility and cost of atypical cultures in revision shoulder arthroplasty 
Erik S. Contreras, Selina Deiparine, Marisa N. Ulrich, Paul M. Alvarez, Julie Y. Bishop, Gregory L. Cvetanovich 
 Outcomes of open reduction and internal fixation of proximal humerus fracture dislocations 
Eric M. Padegimas, Thema A. Nicholson, Gerard Chang, Jonah Hebert-Davies, Surena Namdari 
 Scapular winging secondary to serratus anterior dysfunction: analysis of clinical presentations and etiology in a consecutive series of 96 patients 
Chye Yew Ng, Feiran Wu 
 Does the Walch type B shoulder have a transverse force couple imbalance? A volumetric analysis of segmented rotator cuff muscles in osteoarthritic shoulders 
Antonio Arenas-Miquelez, Victor K. Liu, Joseph Cavanagh, Petra L. Graham, Louis M. Ferreira, Desmond J. Bokor, George S. Athwal, Sumit Raniga 
 Survival of the Aequalis total shoulder replacement at a minimum 20-year follow-up: a clinical and radiographic study 
Jonathan P. Evans, Timothy Batten, Joshua Bird, William J. Thomas, Jeff B. Kitson, Christopher D. Smith 
 Poor results after pyrocarbon interpositional shoulder arthroplasty 
Yoshihiro Hirakawa, Gabriella E. Ode, Pierre Le Coz, Shinzo Onishi, Laurent Baverel, Mathieu Ferrand, Philippe Collin 
 Clinical utility of immediate postoperative radiographs following uncomplicated primary reverse shoulder arthroplasty 
Diego C. Villacis, Aakash Chauhan, Marc Asselmeier, Kevin Walsh, Brian Murphy, Anthony Romeo 
 Defining recovery trajectories after shoulder arthroplasty: a latent class analysis of patient-reported outcomes 
William J. Rubenstein, Hunter S.L. Warwick, Mya S. Aung, Alan L. Zhang, Brian T. Feeley, Chunbong B. Ma, Drew A. Lansdown 
 Three-dimensional measures of posterior bone loss and retroversion in Walch B2 glenoids predict the need for an augmented anatomic glenoid component 
Kevin J. Cronin, Jacob M. Kirsch, Stephen Gates, Manan S. Patel, Christopher D. Joyce, Brian W. Hill, Michael J. Gutman, Gerald R. Williams, Surena Namdari 
 Increased severity of anemia is associated with postoperative complications following primary total shoulder arthroplasty 
Kevin Y. Wang, Theodore Quan, Alex Gu, Matthew J. Best, Monica Stadecker, Uma Srikumaran 
 Reliability analysis of radiologic and intraoperative loosening in total elbow arthroplasty 
Maulik J. Gandhi, Alistair I. Eyre-Brook, Praveen Gopinath, Val Jones, Simon J. Booker, David S. Thyagarajan, Amjid A. Ali 
 Pitch break and performance metrics remain unchanged in pitchers who returned to the same level of play after ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction in Major League Baseball pitchers 
Brooks N. Platt, Anthony J. Zacharias, Timothy Uhl, Michael T. Freehill, Caitlin E. Conley, Austin V. Stone 
 Complications and reoperations related to tension band wiring and plate osteosynthesis of olecranon fractures 
Ida K. Rantalaiho, Inari E. Laaksonen, Anssi J. Ryösä, Katariina Perkonoja, Kari J. Isotalo, Ville O. Äärimaa 
Open Access
 Open reduction of radial neck fractures in children: injury severity predicts the radiographic and clinical outcomes 
Soroush Baghdadi, Apurva S. Shah, John Todd R. Lawrence 
 Review Articles 
 Effect of arthroscopic shoulder release on shoulder mobility and bone deformity following brachial plexus birth injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Tatiana Massamba Vuvu, Morgane Dorniol, Dominique Le Nen, Matthias Thépaut, Sylvain Brochard, Christelle Pons 
 Long-term outcomes of radial head arthroplasty for radial head fractures—a systematic review at minimum 8-year follow-up 
Martin S. Davey, Matthew G. Davey, Eoghan T. Hurley, John G. Galbraith, Diarmuid Molony, Hannan Mullett, Leo Pauzenberger 
 Online Articles 
 The bicipital groove as a landmark for humeral version reference during shoulder arthroplasty: a computed tomography study of normal humeral rotation 
Peter J. Dacombe, Daniel J. Young, Lawrence S. Moulton, Matthew G. Prentice, Travis M. Falconer, Jonathan M.F. Spencer 
 Preoperative factors associated with loss of range of motion after reverse shoulder arthroplasty 
Joseph G. Monir, Carl Tams, Thomas W. Wright, Moby Parsons, Joseph J. King, Bradley S. Schoch 
 The in vivo impact of computer navigation on screw number and length in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 
Keegan M. Hones, Joseph J. King, Bradley S. Schoch, Aimee M. Struk, Kevin W. Farmer, Thomas W. Wright 
 Teres minor muscle hypertrophy is a negative predictor of outcomes after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: an evaluation of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging and postoperative implant position 
Li-Wei Hung, Shiqiang Wu, Austin Lee, Alan L. Zhang, Brian T. Feeley, Weiyuan Xiao, Chunbong Benjamin Ma, Drew A. Lansdown 

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