Functional shoulder rehabilitation – EUSSER – Bilbao – 6 en 7 juni 2020

Exercise is the basis of conservative treatment for shoulder dysfunction.
However, evidence to maintain the effectiveness of specific exercises for different categories of shoulder dysfunctions is limited, leaving clinicians with the dilemma of how to choose efficient exercises for patients with shoulder dysfunction. This course is directed towards a rational approach based on evidence, to determine and progress with the patient with specific therapeutic shoulder exercises.

Teaching hours: 12.
Teachers: Karen Ginn.
Aimed at: Physiotherapists and students of the last year of Physiotherapy.

Karen Ginn, is a physiotherapist and professor of anatomy and histology at the Faculty of Medicine and Health of the University of Sydney (Australia). His main area of ​​research is related to the assessment and treatment of shoulder dysfunctions, in addition to experimental studies on shoulder pain, shoulder muscle activation patterns, and cortical changes associated with shoulder pain. In this theoretical-practical course, among other things, you will learn to make a critical evaluation of current physiotherapy in the treatment of shoulder dysfunction, in addition to assessing and designing a training program in patients with shoulder pain.

Course Structure
Day 1. Reading / Discussion Format
– Exploration of recent research on shoulder muscle function.
–  Critical evaluation of the assessment of current physiotherapy and treatment of shoulder dysfunction

Day 2. Practical Format
– Critical evaluation of the functional anatomical basis of the current assessment in physiotherapy and treatment of shoulder dysfunction.
– Exploration of alternative methods in assessment and restoration of shoulder function that best reflects the function of normal anatomy.
– Application of recent evidence and principles of functional anatomy to the clinical reasoning process to determine the most appropriate exercise for patients with shoulder dysfunction.


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